Bernie Mitchell, PBSP

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by RonHud, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. RonHud


    I just went to Bernie Mitchell's "seminar." I am very disappointed and would love to vent. Does anyone else have an opinion about him?

  2. nitro


    Who is Bernie Mitchell?

  3. Dont vent, just complain to CFTC. On the other hand, vent here too:)
  4. When will you guys learn.

    Those that can't teach; those that can do ...
  5. sashen


    Dying to hear anyone's comments about Bernie Mitchell (and/or Steve Matrix... they both seem to be teaching the EXACT same material)
  6. tango29


    I sat in Bernie Mitchell's room along time ago, so maybe its changed..I doubt it though. He would call a trade and if it went against him he would disappear from the room and then reappear later with no explanation about the trade. At least once someone questioned him on it and he had a cranky response, and tried to ignore the trade.
  7. da-net


    mr. ron hud

    could you please elaborate as to what disappointed you?
  8. sashen


    I'm more interested in their courses and methodologies than what they do in the trading rooms (since the entre to the room is the $997-$1297 course).
  9. zxcv1fu


    I have tried his calls over 1 year ago. He'd call ahead of time for his make little & loss a lot so call hi probability system at that time. The broker will make a lot of commission more than you do. I gave up after 1 week, not my style.
  10. I joined one of his Free trials and found it to be uneventfull. I do not recomend based on what I saw and heard and would not be surprised if you are disappointed after attending his seminar. I think its a waste of money.
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