Bernie Madoff wishes he didn't Plea Guilty.

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    Bernie Madoff sounds off in emails from jail: 'I wish I hadn't pled guilty'
    PUBLISHED: 12:20 EST, 15 February 2013 | UPDATED: 13:43 EST, 15 February 2013
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    Bernie Madoff now says he regrets pleading guilty to defrauding investors out of an estimated $17.5 billion.
    The disgraced financier, incarcerated at a North Carolina prison, emailed a CNBC reporter this week to complain that he is not getting enough credit for his role in helping restore funds to investors.
    More than $9 billion has been recovered so far but the trustee overseeing the restitution fund said Madoff 'has not been helpful' in the recovery .....
  2. I bet he wishes he did a lot of things differently now that he has time to think about it while he rots. :eek:

    People make choices, he made bad ones.

    I'm still heated about Corzine being free.
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    What happened to the ~$65 billion figure that was jumping around headlines?