Bernie Madoff: F**k my victims!

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  1. Bernard Madoff, the author of the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, told inmates at the Butner prison where he is serving his 150 years jail sentence that his victims deserved what happened to them, because they were rich and greedy, according to an article in New York Magazine.

    Hey, it's a free market!
  2. The last I read only about 1/2 of his "investors" lost money in the end. Much better results than legit operations.
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    No he didn't, you idiot. He redistributed money. Everyone makes money at the top of the pyramid scheme, it is the latecomers who are left holding the bag....
  4. duhhhhhh

    where else do profits come from bozo the clown?

    You should keep your trap shut since you have no idea about anything.
  5. yes. This figure may be as few as 10% when spread over all time.
  6. who would have thought that Madoff had internet access in prison AND would be surfing ET...
  7. Actually FDR was the author of the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.
  8. how many years did he get?
  9. very true. Very true. Time for an economic lesson to the perpetual losers on thus board
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