Bernie is already blowing up the stock market.

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    And Trump crushed retail with his China nonsense. Where was your outage then?
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    This is good. We are getting ripped off by healthcare companies and there is no reason we should have to pay so much for coverage.

    It’s a major problem that should have been fixed a long time ago.
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  4. Fuck healthcare companies (insurance and pharma). healthcare should NOT be a "for Profit" business.
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  5. We can socialize heathcare, but there will be consequences, and lets not compare a country of 300 million+ to some chicken shit little country. Quality of care will go down, and that's just a fact. We'd be better off addressing why the cost is so f'n high to begin with, and right at the center of that debate is the legal system and over regulation. It's complicated and looking for some quick and easy fix will have very, very short lived success. I'm not saying it doesn't need fixing, it damn sure does, but when we look at the incompetent and corrupt dopes in charge of that process, (congress), well, lets not get our hopes up.
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    Best situation, in my opinion from my personal and professional standpoint, is Medicare for All, and still allows doctors to take private patients who pay cash.
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  8. As odious as he is, Sanders at least seems to grasp that the party's current open borders obsession is a Faustian bargain that carries a big cost. He's ok with (his constituents) paying that cost though, if it gets him elected.
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    I don't know that there are many politicians who don't behave this way.
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  10. What?

    Walmart is up 50% since Trump won.

    Amazon has doubled.

    Those are the biggest retailers and most of the products come from China. How exactly is that crushed?
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