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  2. Some serious intra-mural games going on in the dem party.

    Barry Hussein Obama successfully talked Bernie into suspending his campaign but it was with the proviso that Bernie could hold on to his existing delegates and would not withdraw from upcoming ballots so that he and his supporters could continue to accumulate delegates- and thereby have some cards to play in regard to shaping the party platform at the convention.

    Now the State of New York has decided to cancel its dem primary. This is not going to go down well with Camp Bernie and is contrary to the deal that he cut with Obama on behalf of the DNC. Not the way to move the bernie supporters over to supporting Joe. They just got screwed and out maneuvered again.

    The dems are a slimy bunch. I mean Bernie was sliming the dem party by using their machinery to run his own socialist party so he is not innocent here. But they slimed him back. As I said: the dems are a slimy bunch.

    To update this article: New York has in fact decided to cancel the primary.
    Sanders Supporters Argue Against Canceling New York Primary
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    I voted for Bernie but he and his other supporters are getting on my fucking nerves.You/he lost,move on.Its mostly his supporters who are pushing the Tara Reade bullshit as well.

    Im done with Bernie.
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  4. If Bernie was using the DNC to slime the party for his own socialist ideas then why is the DNC slimey for recognizing this and kicking his ass to the curb. Bernie does not have majority support to have any right to say shit, he tried twice and failed. Bernie has no real path to win so letting him hang around and waste millions of dollars of money of people he claims to work for serves no useful purpose really.
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    You mean like you moving on when Hillary lost? We still hear about that shit from you and its been 4 years!
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  6. Yes. Did you read my post. I said suchly and thusly. An intramural slimefest with neither party having clean hands.

    Nevertheless, my point stands. There were representations made to Bernie and his followers about their ongoing ability/right to accumulate delegates and to gain support for the party platform. Obama was the one who was dispatched to get Bernie to suspend and Bernie did so upon assurances that he got. And after getting Bernie to suspend, Biden's efforts have been all about getting Bernie's supporters to cross the Crapicorn River and support Biden. Just sayin, taking him off ballots is not the way to do it. If Joe and the DNC wants to say "hey Bernie, everyone knows you are a slimy scumbag just like us so frig any assurances you got." Then that is fine with me. Don't expect Bernies supporters to putting any Biden stickers on their cars just yet though. The top democrats in DC who have to live face to face with Joe might do that, but not the rank and file Bernie supporters.

    The DNC fucked Bernie. This is nothing new, eh.
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  7. Joe getting a lot of pressure to move past Klobo. Or to put it another way, to pick Warren, Kamala, or the Beefalo from Georgia. womp...womp....womp..

    And then there is Susan Rice who has more baggage than a commercial airliner- pre-covid.


    Black activists warn Biden: Don't pick Klobuchar as VP

    But more than a dozen black and Latino strategists and activists warned in interviews that selecting Klobuchar would not help Biden excite black voters — and might have the opposite effect. Klobuchar would “risk losing the very base the Democrats need to win,” said Aimee Allison, founder of She the People, which promotes women of color in politics. They pointed to her poor performance among non-white voters during the presidential primary, as well as her record as a prosecutor in Minnesota.

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  8. Questions Over Chinese Influence Emerge After Biden Charitable Organizations Refuse To Disclose Funding

    And the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware has also refused requests for transparency by the Free Beacon.

    What we do know, however, is that the University of Pennsylvania received a 300% increase in donations since the Biden Center's soft opening - from $31 million in 2016 to $100 million last year, according to records from the Department of Education. The largest contributor? China - which contributed $61 million in gifts and contracts between March 2017 and the end of last year. In the preceding four years - before the Biden Center opened, Penn took in just $19 million from China.
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