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  3. Yeah but based on all her platform speeches she is pretty stuck on the left......going to be hard to convince anyone Warren is a republican or ever was...
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    Ok but is she truly a democrat?
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  5. What does that even mean nowadays... is anyone truly Democrat when the party has center and far left people in there.
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  6. Comrade Bernie is getting a full dose of the good, the bad, and the ugly this week. Definitely not all good but definitely not all bad either.

    The reality is that Iowa is currently a jump ball between Booty, Biden, and Bernie. Probably with Klobo being down a notch from a couple weeks ago amongst her neighbors. Biden is up a notch and down a notch there depending on the tide. They run a quirky process there in Iowa so second choice is a very important factor too.

    But that is not the point. The point is that the Comrade is at least doing well enough such that headlines like this trigger Camp Obama, Camp Pokey, Camp Biden, Camp DNC etc, and their minions are having emergency meetings at Airport Marriots around the country to plan their strategies, aka their next round of dirty tricks.

    Feel the love. Some serious agitating going on between dnc duds and the progressives and then there is intra-mural warfare among the progressives.

    Jump ball.

    With Iowa Looming, Bernie Sanders Is Poised for an Upset
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  7. Joe Biden. What a lame puppy he is.

    Goes to Texas. Then tells them he would consider Beto and the Castro Boy for VP.

    What a cheap little ditty he does as he goes from state to state. Go to Georgia, and he is considering Stacy Abrams, go to Cali and it is Skankala, so on and so forth.

    Biden says he would consider Castro, O'Rourke for VP, Cabinet positions
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    It's just Spin the Bottle, VP Edition.

    Add in Stacy Abrams, and various other minorities/women/disabilities, and it could actually be fun to watch.
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  9. Yep and he said he is open to republicans too. So if it is spin the bottle then we may get to see Biden kissing Jeff Flake or John Kasich.

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    Don't forget Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!!!
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