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  1. This is true but the Hillary was running and the Clintons owned the DNC- you know Debbie Wasserman, Donna Brazil and the fundraising was directed to her. The DNC is still calling shots in the background but with less firepower. They can still pull the plug on Bernie in the background but it would probably just make the whole landscape even messier. Whereas last time it was a simple "take Bernie down and that will prop Hillary up" play.

    What a mess. Food fight shaping up.
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    Bernie is not the establishment representative. They will not nominate him.
    More likely to be Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.
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    Hey, now!

    This is a MUST READ thread.

    Think DEEPLY about how his policies will directly affect your life in the here and now.

    How WOULD you spend all that money? I have never been on a hot air balloon ride, myself!

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    You have to wonder what Perez is going to do. He seems like a hard-core leftist and quite unlike his predecessors. More ideological. Some consolidation needs to take place and soon.
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  5. I don't know what he can do at this point. The dems try to make their primary one of the most complicated processes on the planet- which makes the electoral college look simple. And now they have changed some of the rules so I don't think anyone knows how it will work out now.

    In the past, Perez would have used the dnc-type superdelegates to control the process as Hillary did. But as a result of the outrage from the Bernie fiasco in 2016, they changed the rules so that the superdelegates can't vote on the first ballot but can on subsequent ballots. So how does all that play out? No one knows. We can agree that if Joe has the needed delegates in his pocket before the convention all the complexities don't shape up. But right now that is not looking good, I don't think, even if one accepts- which I don't- that he will eventually be the nominee.

    I do think though that that superdelegate scenario might put more pressure on political camps to form a coalition before the first ballot, unlike in the past. Because, say if Joe were close to having a majority but not quite, if they dick around on the first vote, then he will have the superdelegate votes- or many of them- on the second ballot. So that is sort of a new development. And yet how do they fix that, if the delegates come from states where the delegates are bound to vote for the candidate according to the voting and mandate in the state? It works if you get the candidate to step down freeing up the votes but it is not easy to get them to do that before the first ballot.

    There are a lot of moving parts in the dem primary process. Hillary had it good. She controlled the dnc funding and it came to her even before she was the nominee, and she owned the superdelegates before a single primary vote had occurred. Those days are over. Also Comrade Bernie has developed a funding a machine that makes him independent of the dnc machine.

    Food fight.
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  9. I don't believe any of the shiite in that article and I doubt very much that Bernie said that.

    Bernie has just reached the same position he did with Hillary, where the dnc duds were okay with him as long as he did not do to much of that winning thing- which is reserved for dnc-dud candidates. So everyone is collaborating now and making up shiite to bring Bernie down.

    And we know of course that CNN is the DNC's marketing arm.

    But if they want to ask Warren (not Bernie) about that at the debate tomorrow, I am willing to watch.
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  10. Oh beautiful.

    Poco has *allegedly* confirmed that the allegation came from her. Of course, she is a fucking liar so who knows. I said I didn't believe it and gave Bernie the benefit of doubt but that they could ask Poco at the debate but I guess they already asked and she already answered.

    Beautiful. Guaranteed that it will be an issue in the debate then. And if the reporting on it is fake, then doesn't matter. It still has risen to the level where they will be confronted with it which is all that matters if you want to see a cat fight, and I do. Bernie is not female but he is a pussy so that still makes it a cat fight.

    Laissez les bon temps rouler.

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