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    In my opinion Trump will wait for his second term to bring these corrupted politicians like Hillary behind bars.
    If he does it now, people will sympathize the Dems. It's a bad move politically.
    Once he is in his second term, he can basically do all that he needed to do.
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    Anytime a political opponent faces criminal charges it benefits the other party. If these idiots had anything on any democrat they would push it immediately.

    The irony is that if Trump does not get a second term he will be facing criminal charges of his own for campaign finance violations and obstruction of justice.
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  3. Just heard that Bernie's doctors say that he "is able to perform above the level of others his age and above those who have also had a heart attack."

    Uhh. Okay. There's some comfort for ya.

    As a side note, Jimmy Carter is also performing well above men his age and with his health issues. And he is still eligble to serve another term, so maybe he would make a good candidate for the dems. Oh, I see. He is too conservative. Nevermind.
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  5. Looks like President Sanders was the biggest fundraiser in the fourth quarter too.

    He is not going anywhere, anytime soon unless he has the big one. He is not going to be the nominee but he will be problematic for all the other dems for a long time to come. Problematic for Trump? Not so much.
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  6. I think Bernie will be the Dem's Trump.... a new type of candidate for them to say fuck you to the system,their own party and their shit show of candidates who they feel is still better than what the other side has to offer. Then if he wins will regret it haha
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  7. Gonna be a whole lot of movin and shakin going on if Bernie has another "health event."

    His supporters are not going to Biden. Acknowledging in advance that one of the tards here does a full presentation on why they will/would.
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    They let him play in their sandbox last time, up to a point. I don't think they will actually allow him to become the nominee, regardless of anything else.

    That said, I don't believe any of the current flavors of the day are going to be the Actual Nominee.
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  9. Welcome to 2020. We made it all the way through 2019 without the progressives going after Comrade Bernie because they all wanted his voters when he went down. Now they are seeing that you have to go out on the hunt and take shots at the Comrade and drag his voters home, IF YOU CAN.

    The unspoken rule from the DNC has always been "you can be a progressive, and that might even be desireable, but you must be a DNC-approved progressive." And the Comrade is not such and same.

    Oh yeah, gonna be bloody before this food fight is over.

    Progressive journalist: 'Sanders's presidency is a threat of an entirely new party'

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  10. True as Trump was a fuck you to the party and system but Trump was willing to push the party line hard.

    Bernie is not in line with the party so he could never fill that role...
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