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    Hillary Clinton broke the law. The FBI inestigated and James Comey himself said she broke the law. You have no argument.
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  2. Yes and no. Mostly yes.

    Everyone is supposed to jump up and say "but she is not old enough under the constitution." Nevertheless, he is managing the message, that he and AOC have formed a "common law" partnership, whereby he owns her supporters.

    Bernie is sort of a problem for everyone. Everyone knows he is not going to be the nominee, but the Old Comrade will go all the way to end and will not give an inch before the last second at the convention. He has the fundraising thing figured out too, unlike Warren who wants to go all the wayyy to the end but is neither picking up big donors- allegedly by choice- but also not really figured out the small donor routine. Yet she wants to last long enough to inherit a big share of Bernie's when he goes down at the last minute. Oh yeah, gonna be a long game this time around. And if Warren did/does drop out, well then lots of her votes will go to Bernie. Same story, different configuration. If Joe is the superstar that he is supposed to be based on the polls the tards put up three times a day, then Joe has nothing to worry about.
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    Bernie Sanders is not going to pull anything of the sort. He is there to make sure a leftwing candidate DOES NOT win the nomination. He is there split that vote. Believe me, when he had that heart attack Biden and his handlers at the DNC had a major panic attack.

    Bernie Sanders is the biggest fraud in the field. In 2015-2016 he ranted and raved about the system being rigged against him. Then the DNC emails leaked and it was determined WITHOUT A DOUBT that the system was indeed rigged against him. Bernie just sat there and took and never made a beef about it. He never even brings it up.

    Believe me, if they sensed he even had any chance of winning the fact that Bernie, the socialist/communist, owns several vacation houses and his wife was caught embezzling money.
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  4. Not sure what part of "sort" you are referring to.

    I said that 'everyone knows he is not going to be the nominee" and that he would nevertheless stick around to the end just splitting the vote and then everyone and the candidates will have to position themselves to lap up his votes when he is not the nominee.

    Where are we apart on that?
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  5. Bernie is only looking at AOC to be his fucking mate
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    Hrmmm, I think you should reword that.

    "Bernie is only looking at AOC to be his fucking running-mate". You do see how it can be construed, without the hyphen and extra word thing? I know what you meant, but others may take that the wrong way.

    And the visualization of that old way of seeing it is too horrible in my mind. I'm saving the peoples, here, man. lol!
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    There are enough Socialists and Communists to get him enough votes to win in some states. I imagine attack ads coming up soon. I do not think the Globalist Wing will take the chance that somehow he ends up at the very end with the most votes. They already have Hillary Clinton waiting at the wings. A Bernie Sanders implosion will give them the opening to say that there is no Democrat left to compete with President Donald Trump and in comes Hillary Clinton.
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  8. No I was going for the first obvious definition :).
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    You made it sound like Bernie is out there trying to cause havoc and take it all the way to the convention. My point is he did not take it to the convention in 2016, even after it was determined that the primary was rigged against him, so he wont take it to the convention this time. He is there for a purpose and it is spread the support of the hard left which all be ensures a hard left candidate won't win.
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  10. I don't expect Bernie to drop out until the end and he has to because the numbers are against him in a way that he cannot overcome. Whatever the right way is to word that.

    It's kind of weird out there right now. The pundits on both the left and the right are churtling about how Bernie could actually be the nominee. But just a week ago, they were making it crystal clear that the election in Britain was a signal to America that socialism and far lefty views were dead for a while. Voters think Warren is too far to the left but maybe Bernie could be okay. Ahhh, alright. whatever.

    Bernie is not going to be the nominee but if a person is a dem and they are seeing a primary that is increasining looking like it is a Bernie-Biden fest then, they got some pain ahead for them in life, right about election day. Either one of them would be a gift from god to trump.
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