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    Bernie's not a Democratic. And AOC is confused as to what she is. But she loves him, regardless.
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  2. Joe is out there trying like hell to find some way to get the youth vote.

    Meanwhile Bernie is launching a campaign to have his legion of young supporters get their parents involved and out to vote.

    Crazy world dis.
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  4. DNC-dud type dems are getting twitchy as hell about Bernie. Their script calls for him to have been past his expiration date by now.

    He won't win the nomination but he is tying up a big block of votes that are not going anywhere soon and will cause the dems to be spread out, un-consolidated, and at risk of a brokered convention. I used to think that SuperTuesday in March would clear a lot of that up, but it might just make it worse too. Bernie is currently leading in California, and that's a LOT of delegates.

    As usual, the tards and some others will pipe up and give me a lecturette on how Bernie is never going to win. That was not even remotely my point but they gotta do it.

    Never been a time when I have not given the Comrade points for going out on the hunt. Being able to go out on the hunt is fundamental. Bernie= can hunt. Now ahead in California. Kamala from Calfornia= cannot hunt= now working down at Arby's in Simi Valley.

    Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination
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    Bernie Sanders wants to throw law abiding citizens in prison. Can you imagine the headline if Trump wanted to do this?
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  7. did you forget about the "lock her up" chant, you dumb fuck? even, Bill "the fat fuck" Barr couldn't find anything on Hillary.
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  8. It's incredible that this old traitor even has a shot. People seem to forget he was a guy who wanted the Soviet Union to prevail against us. He would have been ecstatic if he could have supervised gulags for republicans, businesspeople and other enemies of the state. In any serious country, he would be in prison, not running for president.
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    Bernie is openly discussing inviting AOC to be his running mate.

    At this point its difficult to conclude anything except that Bernie does not want to be President. Or he actually thinks this country would vote for a communist running with a socialist. Unreal.

    Biden is going to be your nominee and he is going to get curb stomped in the general election.

    When your crackhead son has managed to make $150M in the last year for his perceived influence in your potential administration and then you blackmail a foreign country to stop investigation of said son you are not going to be able to prevent that from being a national election issue. Its defining.
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