Berneke's confirmation in jeopardy? Looks like he committed a big faux paux.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by PlusMinus, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Kudlow reporting, with Sen. Bunning on, says he (Bunning) requested AIG documents from Berneke that have heretofore been kept out of the hands of the Senate oversight. Bunning says Berneke responded by sending the documents to Chris Dodd's office, who isn't even on the committee.

    Bunning says this could be the casus belli to keep Berneke from getting the needed votes on the floor.

    Kudlow says even a close expected vote should be enough to force him to withdraw his name. Pipe dreams?
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    From all i have read it is a fait accompli. Kudlow has been trashing him lately. I am surpised that CNBC lets him do that. With Cramer seriously, emarrassingly kissing Bernanke's ass last night for like 10 minutes, he obviously got a stern talking to by someone. Been that way for months. Imelt? Someone in gov?
  3. CNBC became an absolute kiss-ass joke of a network when GE was somehow included on the "impossible to short" list of financial companies last year. After that, they never uttered a single bad word against anyone in government or against any of the awful wall st. bailout programs.

    All you get now is that cunt Erin Burnett screaming "green shoots" everyday.

    CNBC is pathetic.
  4. Bloomberg is cool nowadays... I hope that it will continue...
  5. Agree. Like the radio stuff a lot. Even though Tom Keene is a sputtering shill, he's genuinely an optimist and means well. Pim Fox is also a respectable interviewer. Face it, if he got any smarter he would be trading so there's a limit to what kind of true smarts you can get on the air.