Bernanke's Song

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  1. Bennie and the Feds

    Hey traders, shake it loose together
    The money pumps are hitting something
    That's been known to change the indexes
    We'll kill the fatted calf tonight (well, actually not until the elections...)
    So stick around
    You're gonna see the inexplicable
    And watch a rally out of mere thin air

    Say, Barry and Barney, have you seen them yet
    But they're so spaced out, Bennie and the Feds
    Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful
    Oh Bennie he's really keen
    He's got POMO boots, a QE suit
    You know I read it in a magazine
    Bennie and the Feds

    Hey kids, plug into the faithless investors
    Maybe they're blinded
    But Bennie makes them ageless
    We shall inflate, we know it will take us
    Where we fight the Chinese out in the sky
    To find who's bankrupt and who will default
  2. Hilarious!
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    heh...i've heard

    Benny and the Inkjets

    Benny and the Debts

    and finally

    The Artist Formerly Known as Print'z.