Bernanke's Last Intervention Tool

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by buzzy2, Oct 9, 2008.

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    "Dear markets: please stop falling pleeeeease..."

  2. LOL :p :D
  3. Mvic


    The bottom will be in when the last hair on his head falls out.
  4. bernanke is praying to his globalist wealth entity masters........."please give me a good cut of all this financial grid takeover action....please, please, please!!!" :eek:

  5. you're totally wrong. what they want is the opposite: please markets crash CRASH CRRRASH! so they can force you and everyone else into more control, more regulations, less freedom, less wealth and more power to the ELITE!
  6. theyve lost total contol everywhere. There is no way for the global economy to ever recover
  7. Why would the elite want the stock market to keep going down? They'll lose money as well.
  8. Ben doesn't care about the equity markets - and he shouldn't!

    People take a fcuking xanax.