Bernanke's doing well

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  1. I have to say, not doing so bad.
  2. OMG are you FULL OF IT! He a cocksucking little twit, pandering to the markets and administration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either he or Greenscam will go down in history as the biggest financial criminal since John Law. (T H A T 's probably not quite right... Law was just a misguided dumbass... Greenscam and Bernanke KNOW better and did/do the evil anyway.)
  3. I agree. He has done a great job so far.
  5. I wish this really is an attempt at humor. :(
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  7. Jeez Buzzy, you don't have to click on the link.

    This is not a chit-chat issue. Bernanke is doing SERIOUS HARM ALL US CITIZENS with his $USD destroying policies.
  8. It's british-style black humor.
  9. Ron Paul is ripping Helicopter Ben a new asshole.

    Loving' it.
  10. Nani? (That's Japanese for "huh?") Disregard the concept as "inconsequential" is British humor?
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