bernanke's being shown there is a higher power

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    you can't do what the fuck you want and lower rates to save people that have destroyed our system. people have to answer for there sins. i hope rates go to 10% and the market to 3k to teach all a lesson that bubbles popping hurt so next time the fed will step in and stop these bubbles by skying rates

  2. AMEN! The smart guys are going to only take so much of this shit.

    It's over. Fuckin morons killed it. Good job Bernake and Bush. We're in deep shit now.
  3. What higher power is showing Bernanke anything? Did I miss news?
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    the higher power is the market which will sky rates and crash the $ to hell and destroy our standard of living. the right thing to do was leave rates were they were and let people go bk who deserved too.there's inflation bubbling everywere
  5. Bonds told him to go fuck himself
  6. He doesn't care about that. To say that "The market is showing him now!" implies that Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve, PHDs in Economics and God knows what else, didn't realize that lowering rates when the dollar was already on shaky footing, would drop it through the basement.

    I assure you, Ben knew far better than you what the results would be. The problem isn't that he didn't know.

    The problem is that he didn't fucking care.
  7. That, or he did it on purpose. The US is in deep debt to the rest of the world. What other means, except WW3, is there to ever clear that debt?

    But it won't work; within the year most oil-producers will want their oil priced in EURs. If that were the case now the latest FED measure would have increased fuel-prices by 10%, overnight!

    I seriously think this is a major turning point. The US is in trouble and no one knows how to solve it. Except for a few very rich people that will benefit anyhow, most of the population will not. Of course that was the whole purpose of the ultra-capitalistic experiment. The owners won, the workers lost.

  8. So if the market tanks in October and we correct 10-15%, will the FED just bail the market out again with liquidity, printing money, cutting rates when everyone starts crying again. I really want a crash bad!

    I really hope ECB and Bank of Japan raise rates soon. The rest of the world has their act together and we don't.
  9. See, I still think Ben knows that won't work as well. He's the man with all the information. Despite the fact I, and a number of folks here, think he is a twit for his actions on Tuesday, the man knows what he's doing. Even if it's to the detriment of the common man.

    He's all too aware.

    So to make the comment he's lost his mind, or he's clueless or he doesn't know what's going on is, at best, a very weak argument.
  10. Most people watch the stock market, the smart people watch the bond market. The bond market tells the story.

    You absolutely can NOT cut rates when stock markets are less than 2% from all-time highs. You can't just bail out all your rich jew friends at the expense of the rest of America!

    The US dollar is fukt, I say bring on the Amero asap.
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