Bernanke: We are going to see higher inflation in the next few months

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  1. "We'll see a little bit higher inflation the next few months because of the higher gas prices. And we'll see consumers-- with a little l-- less-- income to spend. And that will also be-- a bit of-- a hit on growth."

    Makes you wonder just how bad its going to get if Bernanke is actually admitting we are going to have higher inflation the next few months.
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    yep..and this is why stock market moving up(at least initially, after last fed announcement),while bonds are falling. those who are think that QE3 is on the way are wrong. this time it's will be different..if it's about QE-bonds would move higher after last announcement. they didn't.even i can understand this. time to get out from fixed income.

  3. qe3? what's that?

    the ship queen elizabeth 3?

    it's coming to america?
  4. Bob111