Bernanke Wants To "Stimulate The Economy"... He doesn't get it.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. The economy has suffered a tragic "credit exhaustion"... and is like the burned-out ash of a camp fire. He and Geithner are "pouring gasoline on the ash", trying to re-ignite the flame of consumption.

    All he's going to get is the burning of the gas (stimulus), then cold ash once again.

    THE bottom in the economy and the stock market is likely a lonnng way down and a lonnng time out... maybe 2016, and at 60-70% of the 2007 economic level.
  2. this crisis will be over only when enough wealth has been stolen.
    He knows what he is doing. And it is not economics but fedconomics.
  3. logikos


    No, didn't you hear him yesterday? The recession will be over THIS YEAR.


    Somebody please explain that to me how this will be possible?

    Maybe for the banks because they will be bailed out. Not for the millions of main street folks who have negative equity in our homes.
  4. Stocks are going to get raped when the recession only deepens
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