Bernanke: This crisis may surpass Great Depression

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  1. Hopefully, our Fed Chairman has more tact than that. Maybe that was just taken way out of context.
  2. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke discussed the economy with average Americans on Sunday, saying the current financial crisis could be even more virulent than the Great Depression.

    "A lot of things happened, a lot came together, [and] created probably the worst financial crisis, certainly since the Great Depression and possibly even including the Great Depression," Bernanke said at the start of a "town hall" meeting in Kansas City.
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    Translation: I have an asston of bonds for sale this week, you must buy them. Buy them now or you will die.
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    More volatility, bring it on.. volatility is the new frontier, time to learn to strip mine the economies of the world like the big guys do. Trade well or die!!

    We have a front row seat to the biggest disaster, maybe bigger than the Great Depression... Is it a financial disaster or a political disaster? Stay tuned folks, wait... drumroll.. it's all the above and then some, and we have BO to lead us out of the wilderness... a street organizer for an organization that engages in voter fraud...

    Trade well or die... keep that phone number to Blackwater handy, you might need to defend your household, not to mention your virginity... When that welfare money and government cheese runs out there will be hell to pay... pessimism, wow, that is so last year, now it's the beginnings of stark terror.. next act is the Commercial Real Estate sector, can't wait for that..

    You say that we mortgaged the next generation and it's a problem? Wait until BO gets done mortgaging baby, there won't be enough generations to pay it back ever... he's 'da man baby.. nowhere to go but DOWN from here, you thought this was bad, wow, Ben has spoken...
  6. This is news to you all? Damn.

    Recall the unwashed masses barking "Do nothing, let it all fail".

    I do