Bernanke Sworn In.... hide your women and children

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Jun 21, 2005.

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    They're grooming him for Greenscam's job. Ironic, huh? The biggest financial criminal of all time is being replaced by a bigger one.

    When he becomes chairman of the Fed, you'd be wise to convert your assets to gold and get them out of the country or spend everything. He's hell bent on destroying the value of the $USD in order to allow the lying, cheating, thieving US Gummint to effectively renege on its obligations. (Which, of course, is why they're getting him into the Fed chair post.)
  2. I just want to know:

    Inflation targets like the ECB is using or no inflation targets.
  3. Gold has been holding out against the rise of the dollar rather than following the nosedive of the euro.

    Such strength deserves attention.
  4. Please forgive me for my ignorance. I heard Mr. Bernanke talking the other day on Bloomberg. All I know is that he's leaving Fed. Govoner position and to head the White House economic council. I don't remember any of his position on various issues alarming to me. Would you elaborate what kind of policy he would implement that concerns you? Would his policy lead to inflation or deflation? Thanks.
  5. this type of rant is just so '90's.
  6. He has become infamous for his quote about using unconventional methods back in late 2002 or early 2003.
  7. In the summer of 2003 when the Fed was very concerned about deflation Greenspan said something like (since the Fed fund rate was close 0%) Fed could buy long bond and some other unconventional methods to fight deflation. Is this kind thing we are talking about here?
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    is this the guy who was talking 'helicopter money'?
  9. yes, same guy. That was the famous quote.
  10. May I ask what the full quote was?
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