Bernanke speech on new Fed commmunication

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Bernard111, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Today Bernanke held his speech at the Cato Institute 25th Annual Monetary Conference, Washington, D.C..

    The text of the speech is here:

    Main significant topics:

    - New Fed Strategy Doesn't Include Inflation Target;
    - Inflation Target `May Be Less Well Suited` To Fed
    - To Extend Forecast Horizon To 3 Yrs From 2 Yrs
    - Inflation Forecasts Include Headline, Core PCE
    - Forecasts Include 'Narrative' explaining Fed Views
    - First Set Of Forecasts To Be Released Next Week
    - To Publish GDP, Inflation Forecasts Quarterly

    but where can we find the transcripts of the Q&A session?