Bernanke Speaks 1:45 Eastern Time!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. market sells off on any hawkish comments:)
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    Probably...but please do not post too much today...I am finally making money...
  3. Man bluestreak, I have been watching your calls for the past two weeks. You must have had a rocky ride. The market eventually sells off, but you would have had to deal with some huge drawdowns. I'll stick to trading what the market is doing instead of having a bias.
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    Note that the topic is "central banking and bank supervision" and no Q&A session is scheduled. These two things taken together means Bernanke is likely not going to address the economy at all. Don't expect alot of fireworks
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    Bernanke will be the market mover into the close. The close is going to be interesting, would like to see if they can rally the markets back into the green which is certainly possible at this point.

    Nasdaq is coming back ever so slowly, the NDX 100 is certainly showing some strength. only down 7.86 now, possible green by 2 pm.
  6. Back to the Moon
  7. yeah but remember: they have been buying these dips aggressively yet look at the snp, we are going to break 1400 next week for sure!
  8. :mad:
  9. is he speaking now ?
  10. He didn't comment on the economy or interest rates. No effect.
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