bernanke speaking tomorrow..

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  1. Since Bernanke is speaking today and tomorrow, how do you think the markets will react? Negative, positive, sideways?
  2. Bowgett


    collective yawn
  3. The market loves this money printing bubble blowing freak!
  4. Helicopter Ben. Riding into the Congress on a rail greased with astroglide liquidity. Each footstep up to the microphone printing a minty fresh billion dollar treasury note.
  5. piezoe


    Hey ByLo, have you considered journalism as a career?:D
  6. Yes. But Mad Magazine won't have me. And Penthouse isn't hiring, either. :D
  7. The fed is a joke. The market has zero fear of them doing anything.
  8. Fed chairman is a brother in my secret society

    I know what he will say before its public.

    I don't know him directly, but I hear info, through others
  9. I was talking about sediment and reaction.
  10. Good when there's no fear. Easy 100% up room to go in this environment :D
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