Bernanke scheduled to Speak today

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  1. Fed doesn't cut rates today say bye bye to the markets.
    Trade accordingly.
  2. What time is he speaking?

    And why can't the fed do an emergency cut shortly after he speaks?
  3. 1 PM EST.

    And as for the "emergency" cut, the only one they should consider involves their wrists.
  4. They can. They can announce when ever they please.
    But since he is scheduled to speak it is a forum for him to make an announcement.
    Markets are pricing in a rate cut TODAY. If they don't......look out below.

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    So what if he cuts rates today or at the end of jan, it will be an opportunity for the longs to get out of any position they took in 2008. Im sure the markets will enjoy a 2-3 day rally but after that its back down. I would take advantage of any 2-3% run to sell and buy back on the pullbacks.
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    Markets should not be pricing in anything today.
  7. I agree with your thinking, but I am wondering who the suckers are that want to buy after the market has run up 2-3%. I know for every buyer there has to be a seller but I don't know how strong the oversold bounce will be when there aren't too many takers as we go higher. The bulls only weapon right now are rate cuts by the Fed. Once the rate cuts are used up, the bulls are out of ammo.
  8. If, as you say, the market is already pricing in a rate cut TODAY, it doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it.
  9. The markets are continuously pricing in EVERYTHING

  10. this would never happened...they do not do when FED chman the historical just comes with no announcement
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