Bernanke Says `Will Act as Needed' to Limit Credit-Rout Impact

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by dtrader98, Aug 31, 2007.

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    That sentence was interesting. I think this market is headed back down, I dont think bush will say much to change the attitude of this market. This rally doesnt seem like its going to stay.
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    Rick Santelli is getting angry, I think he makes the best points on cnbc, only one worth listening too. I think he is 100% right.
  3. Good for Ben, that a boy Ben hold your ground. The data seems fine the markets are still up for the year, no cut necessary.
  4. Scribe


    Why is he angry?
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    Cause Kudlow has no clue what hes talking about. Did you see it?
  6. Miised that, what happened?
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    Sept 18th = no cut in rates. Too many are anticipating a rate cut and when it doesnt take place they will regret positioning their portfolio around that trade.
  8. the behavior of the fed in the last 10 years is unbelieavable

    a complete and arbitrary tyranny
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    the speech was terrible - i am surprised the market is not selling more. in fact the speech brings more uncertainty into the outlook for rates and therefore for inflation. i especially hated when he said that data suddenly matter less than before - so all important data next week are basically deemed irrelevant. the ride is not over - this guy is fucked up.

    yep - and rick santelli is probably the only guy who gets it.
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