Bernanke says FU USD!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Trash the dollar and artificially prop up equities!

    Lets create another credit bubble!
  2. What is left to bubble other than USD toilet paper?
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    anything "green-tech"
  4. So, in the end, who was supposd to be impressed by the cut?
    The dollar loses value. Dow jumps up. The Dow can run 150 points if Bill Gates gets laid. I guess I could advertise my house in the London Times.
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    Well, he was f'd if he didn't and he is f'd 'cause he did...the street expects a 50 point cut, dollar continues its cut and...well, 5%+ slide would have happened (not necessarily a bad thing though)
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    looks to me like we will make a double bottom in the usd....not much more to cut. better he made the cut sooner than later.

    the bubble is in gold at this point. we have been in a bubble mentality for quite awhile, and personally, with 96% gold bulls, who is left to buy? it will keep going for awhile, but i have stood aside when i though market mania was coming to a head.

  8. What a splendid business idea!
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    EURO/USD: Yea i was hoping to see a push to test that 4970-5000 high in Euro today....looks like we got a top in place at around 4900.