Bernanke riddle

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  1. Why did Ben Bernanke study the Great Depression so vigorously?

    So he could perfectly create an even better one!

    Think about it, "they" say he studied the Great Depression so not to cause another one, but is the easiest way to get the truth?

    Just flip over what "they" say, and wala! you have the exact opposite of what they say!
  2. oneday


    I wont at this time go into a long discussion because it's late at night but this link might clear some perceptions of our reality or at the same time; cloud them. This is the only place that i can find the full text.

    Please read the full text before responding.

    The site that hosts the full text does in no way represent the credibility of the piece. Disregard the host sight and draw your own conclusions.

    It is my hope that we can discuss this grave position we are in.