Bernanke press conference yesterday

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  1. I don't get it, I did listen to the guy , often I don't as I find it painful and his speeches are a joke. But he sounded really dovish to me , didn't he say he was ready to expand ? (which I found insane).

    I didn' t really listen
    to commentaries but I don't think people thought he was hawkish yesterday. Now it's all about "he 's serious about tapering".

    It's a good thing I don't make decision on my interpretation of Fed speeches .
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    One explanation: Bernanke is beginning to lose control of the bond market. He must be really puzzled right now why his ass is being handed to him on a silver platter.
  3. Well, the outstanding stock of all bonds is substantially greater than the Fed is absorbing right now. Also, a number of developing countries have decreasing trade surpluses, which means less need to recycle their dollars for new bonds, whereas the budget deficit is not decreasing and creating a large supply/need for new bonds.
  4. It is "checkmate" time for US Central Bankers. Benny will be leaving the bagholders, just as it dawns on the uninformed that there "ain't no stinkin' exit strategy", and never was one.
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    exit strategy is him leaving... :D
  6. Leaving without a clearly planned exit strategy would be the act of a coward.
  7. Bernake has an incredibly tough job. No matter what he does or did there will ALWAYS be a contingent that thinks he f*cked it up.
  8. :D :D
  9. you can't print yourself into growth and ben could not let the market go lower than s&p 600. he how bought himself a 1000 points of room. we have teachers that run that markets and they think the financial world is their buddy. ben thinks if i tell them the answers to the test they will fall in line but he does not understand its an individual game not a team game. ben has to go he failed because if you have to pump money into the market at all time highs you are in the wrong job.

  10. Something tells me you'll still be bitching about markets in three years wondering why they didn't crash. Bernanke's legacy will be quite good moving forward. Its funny how most legit analysts are decently bullish about the US economy ( including the World Bank that has a growing rate in 2015 ), but Elite Trader is always just mostly cynics expecting the worst and issuing absurd forecasts like SPX revisiting 700.
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