Bernanke popped the real estate bubble

Discussion in 'Economics' started by DeepFried, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. So why doesn't he ever get any praise for deflating the ridiculously overinflated real estate market? I say "good work, Bennie!" Mission accomplished. :D We all owe him our thanks. Don't we? After all, there's nothing worse than inflation.
  2. Deflation is much worse than inflation. Wealthier people suffer the most.
  3. Wealthi-er people suffering, perhaps.
    Wealthi-est people it helps tremendously.
  4. Man, are YOU out of the loop.

    Bennie has done virtually everything in his power to pump up, then PUMP UP the RE market. He's mostly caught in the mess GreenScam made, but both of them deserve no less than a few swift kicks in the balls.

    Bernanke is a MONSTER INFLATIONIST...

    Inflation = loss of buying power = currency debasement = confiscation/theft of citizens' assets.
  5. What gnome said... Yep..
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    Since I'm only three years old, could you expand on your conspiracy theory. Please speak slowy, so we can all stay with ya.
  7. No Tommy, research it yourself. I'm too old to be suffering fools gladly.
  8. Deep Fried....

    You are an IDIOT.

    You have no clue of economics.



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    How is that "conspiracy theory". Anyhow who took econ past the high school level, or for that matter just has a bit of common sense, knows that what gnome said is true. If you have inflation, the average person's buying power goes down, as the currency is debased buying power goes down even more. Its a convenient way for a welfare state to steal the assets of its population. Greenspan himself said so when he was an economic advisor to Ford: "In the absense of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation via inflation. The financial policy of a welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves"

    This is a direct quote from the Meastro himself. You can find the entire article in Ayn Rands "Capitalism, the unknown ideal". Mr Meastro's work can be found in the article titled Gold and Economic Freedom, which runs from page 96 to page 101 if your really curious.
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