Bernanke new FedHead

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  1. Markets love it. I wonder why. This guy is yet to prove himself.
  2. Markets would love anything today. its called Relief (phew) Rally.
  3. Ebo


    Still waiting for The Pump and Dump?
    You changed your sentiment Flip Flop Boy?
  4. Bowgett


    He is know as "Helicopter money" man. Wall Street always loves ppl who throw money from helicopters :)
  5. Pabst


    Bernanke Say's Dow Could Reach 35,000 by late 2006

    OCT. 24 (Bloomberg)

    Stock gains accelerated late Monday morning amid reports that a new Fed chair nominee will be announced this afternoon and that it might be White House adviser Ben Bernanke, a choice that would be unsurprising -- and therefore reassuring to investors.

    The White House said that it will announce its nominee to replace outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan later Monday. A source tells CNN the choice will be Bernanke, a former Fed governor.

    Bernanke in a prepared text said "I'm thankful for this opportunity but the real test will be if we can get the Dow up above 35,000 before the 2006 Congressional elections. With just the right jaw boning and perhaps a stealth rate cut or two, I think we can rally this puppy to Greenapan type gains."
  6. Bowgett


    Today is Pump, Pump and Pump day. (Sorry no dump for today).
  7. gnome


    Hide the women and children!!!
    "Helicopter Money" Bernanke will bankrupt us with debased currency.
  8. yeayo


    LMAO, I agree. Real inflation is out of control at 10%+ a year and this stooge has been worrying about deflation.
  9. Bowgett



    some similarities :D
  10. Actually it's the first smart move I've seen Bush make, at least from what I can tell of the man so far.
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