Bernanke loans personal helicopter fleet to bail out US Air

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    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke today committed to bail out struggling US airlines, who are facing bankruptcy as a combination of soaring fuel costs and falling customer demand threatens their business models and financial solvency. The Chairman has offered his personal helicopter fleet to any US airline which can no longer afford to fly its own planes. To avoid accusations of "socialism" from Southern firebrand Senators, and to earn a "fair return" for taxpayers, the Fed will charge a lease rate of 2% per annum and provide access to the Fed discount window.

    The fleet is currently undergoing conversion from their current fit - designed to shower huge quantities of dollar bills from 100ft or below - and is thought to incorporate a 8 seater loadout. Mr Bernanke denied rumours that the Fed was also considering bailing out Cleveland ball bearing manufacturers,, and Donald Trump's casinos. He did however hint that Facebook was now considered "too big to fail".

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