Bernanke lieing before Congress perjuring himself - This is insane!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by maxxy, Jun 26, 2009.

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  2. What is insane is your understanding of Bernanke's role in the market. He has to consider that what he says would immediately get priced into the market. In fact, you are falling right into his trap. Part of his job is to play with investors' minds... that's how he popped the oil bubble in 2008.
  3. pspr


    Of course, we don't know what Bernanke has said to the committiees behind closed doors but I personally don't have much of a problem with him doing what he thinks is best for our banking system and economy. There is an incredible amount of responsibility on his shoulders and he has to deal with all the spending and whims of the president and congress.

    I'm sure there are things he would have done differently 12 months ago. But, we are where we are and I believe he is doing his honest best to do what is right for this country.

    Now, Obama, Congress and Geitner are another story. I just don't understand what these people are thinking. It's insanity. And there is something about Larry Somers that strikes me wrong. I just don't trust that guy. I certainly wouldn't want to see him replace Bernanke.
  4. Since when is lying like a pathological liar, the best thing for us? I mean, he is obviously lying. I can practically hear his heart beating out of his chest in that interview. The only thing he is doing is delaying the inevitable. But hey...i guess thats good for alot of us. We get more time to stock up on silver & gold before the shit hits the fan. But I think that when the economy does collapse, these tapes will be played back and Bernanke will get assassinated by some multimillionaire that lost every last penny of his wealth by going long the dollar.
  5. pspr


    Give the guy a break. He's being questioned by a bunch of professional liars.
  6. Personally I kinda like Bernankrupt. There are times when I think he just wants to tell them to screw off. I think he wants to do what’s right, but in the end the only way he could do that would be to lock the doors at the Fed.
  7. fhl


    This is who Obama wants to give new and expanded powers to, to regulate the entire financial system.

    You feel safer already, don't you.
  8. ipatent


    If it comes to a credibility contest between Bernanke and Paulson, I'll go with the the guy who spent most of his career in academics over the one who ran Goldman.

    Ben isn't a good liar. His voice quavers and he looks visibly nervous.

    Now Paulson..
  9. I hear he is already receiving Oscar nominations from his industry peers for his award-winning performance this week.

    In fact, he is also being sought-out as an acting-coach.

    Nothing new here, Congress just going thru the motions, the old 'round up the usual suspects routine', make a bunch of smoke and bluster, and in the final analysis, turn it all around and laud him for the great deeds he has done. Another total farce and charade...made me think the entire hoax was brought to bear by someone paying off congressmen trying to knock the market so they can cover, no doubt congressmen still come as cheap as they always have.

    Another job well done.
  10. Boy, I am glad you are not the prototype for judges. Prosecuter "Geez, the man is guilty - you can practically hear his heart beating out of his chest!!!"

    Judge Piel "OK, if you say so, he is guilty. No need of presenting any evidence."
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