Bernanke is in. Here comes the bull

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myoffices, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Okay Bernanke is officially in. He has weathered the storm and was the student of best there ever was. I think we should see some great market trending going forward. I think we see above 11000. Beware that the bull may catch the swine flu.

    Trade with 20% profit goals. 5 trades and thats up 100%.
    The Govt is up on their banking trades and when they sell they will own the best real estate portfolio in the world. the highest cd at 5%. and Bernanke is the king.

    Interest rates will be back at 7% before long. Trade the market daily holding nada overnight.
  2. didn't you mean to say, "here comes the bullshit"?
  3. Lethn


    Yeah I heard about that, Obama nominating Bernanke for the Federal Reserve?

    As much as I hate the idea we need another bloody great depression or another Vietnam to wake people up properly if people aren't going to do anything now.
  4. hajimow


    He tried hard to show that economy is fine and things have settled to get credit and get re-elected. Now that he is -re-elected he is supposed to tell the truth and talk about the real economy.
  5. Bernanke = Bankruptcy
  6. For once, I agree with Obama. Bernake is da man!