Bernanke Has ZERO Credibility

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  1. Does anyone here think Bernanke is about as toothless a tiger as they come?
  2. All he can do is jawbone, and his prediction for a recovery in housing is looking dumber by the minute. I find it real interesting that Greenspan would take the liberty to offer his entrails reading on the market when he is no longer in office. I mean, I think it's pretty rude to take a royal dump on someone else's watch, but I guess Greenspan just couldn't help himself could he.

    Greenspan saying recession while Bernanke saying moderate growth still possible. If the 'pros' can't even agree, why even listen to them. It's a waste of time other than reacting to the market's reaction following the Fed's decisions.
  3. what gets me is how scared he appears... his voice was quivering on the early questions... almost like he is hiding something. :eek:
  4. Wait til end of the year, he'll be right. Greenspan said its likely that US is heading toward a recession. A couple rate cuts will alleviate that.

    Ben is probably thinking how dumb these questions are. Asked about emissions, wtf?
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    another conspiracy perhaps?? :p
  6. these rehearsed questions & answers look more like a big show.

    Greenspeak vs. Bernanke smack.....seems like Greeny is getting the nod in this one eventhough he`s been out of office for a while now.....shows you how pathetic Bernanke truly is.
  7. of course not... everyone knows the Federal Reserve is a transparent govt agency that encourages public analysis of all records and ownership. :cool:
  8. And I thought I was the only one wondering what he must have ben thinking with the emissions talk. Had to have been some funny sh*t!:D
  9. He does seem scared but I think it's because he's not supposed to say anything that isn't publicly anticipated. He learned the hard way, from his first talk, that markets (over)react if you give out more information than is expected.

  10. No, but I think you are jelous of him. Save the immature name calling for high school. This is a trading forum.
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