Bernanke Gets 75% Approval From Investors in Global Poll

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  1. i am guessing the resident right wing intelligencia and conspiricy nuts on et would disagree:

    Bernanke Gets 75% Approval From Investors in Global Poll

    Global investors give Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke his highest approval rating since 2009 and expect him to take further action this year to accelerate a revival in the U.S. economy and financial markets.

    Bernanke, whom Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he wouldn’t reappoint for running too lax a monetary policy, receives a favorable assessment from three of four of those surveyed in the latest Bloomberg Global Poll. Respondents to the survey of investors, analysts and traders who are Bloomberg subscribers also rate U.S. financial markets highly: 46 percent say they will be among the best performers over the next year, double the percentage that select China, in second place.
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    That poll was taken a month ago? What I'm seeing is that opinion is changing on Bernanke's policy and leadership.
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    "since 2009"

    The largest in the world mkt bottomed in 2009 and hasnt done anything but go higher with 2 buyable dips

    Whats not to like?