Bernanke Fired A Missile

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  1. Anyone see that on CNBC just now?


    Ben must be pissed.
  2. blast19


    Did he drop an "F" bomb? What happened, I'm distracted. :confused:
  3. They showed sky for about 5 seconds, and the sound of a missile firing, and you could see some smoke.

    I'm serious.
  4. Sponger


    Ben just verified everything your real estate postings have been saying all along:eek:
  5. :D

    (It's true. Ben knows. He sold his Beazer stock last month)
  6. blast19


    I can rewind after Ben is done being grilled now...this is fun! :D :p
  7. Greenspan just said "Oh Really?"

  8. He had to say something about inflation look at gasoline prices over the last months, look at crude now at 64. 5 months ago he said he expected inflation to retreat, that when oil was at 50. He cant forecast any better than most folks who follow the markets closely. Hes just a christmas tiger an honor stooge, honorary appointments.
  9. blast19


    I wish he would just say that they're too busy worrying about regulating their handicap on the back 9 to regulate stupid people and their money.
  10. The title of this thread reminds me of an old Tonight Show episode.
    July 4th, sometime back in the 70s.
    Johnny comes out, does his intro/comedy routine and says "I fired off some rockets cuz it's July the 4th."

    Doc Sevrinson says to Johnny, "I fired a rocket last nite!"

    Audience, and Ed and Johnny are literally screaming laughing.
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