Bernanke Exit Signaled by Obama Means Tapering

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    That reminds me. Time to give CNBC my once a quarter ratings bump. [​IMG]
  2. Justified... if based upon they eye-candy of their having added Kelly Evans to the lineup.
  3. Kind of like GreenScam... a couple of days out of office and he holds a press conference to declare, "It's not MY fault"....
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    My eurusd short hopes so. If it goes the other way, I'm jumping from my window. Good thing I live in a one story. Or I could just close my trade. I'll take number two if I have to make a decision.
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    Man, I can't take these perma-bull pundits at CNBC (except Rick).[​IMG]

    Think I'll head over to Zero for the presser. Hope they have it.
  6. i think the bond market might be ready to fire bubble ben with a 10 year yield now at 2.32%
  7. watching his press conference and watching the s&p is like watching a ship tank as the captain is saying everything looks good to me. i think tomorrow will be more interesting and reflect a better future view too because we can still close up this market is nuts.
  8. So the S&P closes down an earth shattering, saber rattling, boot shaking -1.39%. The market knows all this talk is trivial because any hint of a sharp sell off would cause the Fed to dial QE back up to infinity if necessary.
  9. i disagree i think the fed is in a terrible spot but they don't want to admit that. the bond market can rock ben so what will more QE do to fix that? i am going to say something over the top right now but humor me. how does obama get congress to work with him on jobs? its not with the stock market going up i promise you that but if the market goes down 25% dialog might change. the R's have a free ticket to pass nothing if the market just goes up. obama is a bust right now as president but he is a man that really wants change so tell me any other way congress will work with him?

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