Bernanke: Economy recovery on track?

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  1. What Bernanke had said today we can sum it up in one small sentence: Economy is coming back up and is passing the stars and it’s coming towards the moon. My personal opinion of chairman Bernanke is that he is the student of past chairman Greenspan and he is doing very similar things what Greenspan would do (Chairman Greenspan and others helped create the past bubble). What is your opinion of chairman Bernanke and the job that he is doing?

    What we really need is a one-handed economist so he would not come back to us and say “on the other hand…”
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    he keep saying this for over a year. SSDD..
  3. Troll alert.
  4. Bernanke has done a great job so far. It's not his fault the US government can't create jobs. Bernanke will not lose. Just bet against him.....I dare you.
  5. The Fed is required by law to enact policies that keep the unemployment rate below ~ 4 or 5.5 % (can't remember the exact number). Apparently, this requirement has been waived.
  6. Agreed. He was given a bad situation and did as well as anyone can with it.
  7. I wouldn't say full employment is a requirement so much as an objective. The other mandate is to control inflation. The mandate is there basically to find a middle ground between low interest rates and inflation.

    Bernanke has so far avoided deflation in this crisis. That alone deserves an A in my books.
  8. So, avoiding deflation at the cost of everything else is considered a good job?
  9. What has been the cost of avoiding deflation?