Bernanke are you listening?

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  1. Look at the rise in the Euro and the simultaneous stall of the rally.

    If you want to stop a crash you need to devalue the currency now.

    rate cut, rate cut, rate cut, and the markets will be appreciative.
  2. telling you, we need a rate cut or this will get ugly by the end of the day.
  3. Hopefully you realize Europe is simultaneously faced with IDENTICAL issues as the U.S. As we speak......
  4. A word of wisdom from the wise.
    Purely refreshing.
  5. Rate cut does nothing except prolong a much needed cleansing and give a marginal boost in the very short term. Sure, shoot your last couple of bullets, Bernanke!

    Sounds to me like the OP is looking to get out of a long position in equities or the Euro.
  6. Hopefully you realize Europe is simultaneously faced with IDENTICAL issues as the U.S. As we speak...... [/QUOTE]

    The issue is exclusive to the US. In Europe they already can watch programs with nudity on public television.
  7. Daal


    really, I thought this was all greenspan's fault
  8. Scuttle the bailout, RAISE interest rates, immediately cut all department budgets of the U.S. government by 7%, cut capital gains tax by 50%, FEDERALIZE the private corporation federal reserve, arrest and detain bernanke (and all the other fed govenors) & paulson for fast track financial crimes trials, announce and display 9 month time table to pull out of Iraq, announce transition plan back to gold standard............

    Now tell me where we would be trading at today?????


    +888.88 on the DOW by closing!
  9. Thanks bro.

    Ya know I was thinking last night about how despite the vast difference in global communication between 1997 and now (vast is the understatement of the year) the American media is FAR MORE Americentric than any other time in history. I reckon 1% of America realizes that the FTSE was down 11% yesterday.

    I have a framed photo above my toilet (seriously) of a Chicago newspaper from the day after the 1997 crash. Moi is on the front page-the same photo of me in the Dow pit that was in Time magazine the next week-and the newspaper's front page showed the net change of every major bourse in the world on the day of the Oct/97 crash. Flash forward 11 years and people are blaming Bush and Greenspan and "Wall Street" and lack of regulation, ect. yet the same crisis is happening in EVERY MARKET IN THE WORLD.

    Way too much stupidity in this nations media.
  10. Ah yes, this definitely lends credibility to your point. Well done.
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