Bernanke and the Dollar Killers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tracy McGreedy, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Mark this date 9/18/07 for if and when the dollar does collapse, you'll know exactly how it happened and who purportrated the act.
  2. Are you serious or?

    No really, your statement reeks of naiveity and over-generalization.

    Also, I still cannot believe how gullible people are to think that Bernarke or any Fed Chair is that omnipotent.
  3. And Hydroblunt, I cant believe you are so naive not to realize that all the Central banks are in cahoots.

    And have been for years....
  4. You might wanna read my posts on the matter before you make stupid assumptions.
  5. poopertraded.


    perpetrated, correct.
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