BERNANKE AND PAULSON SPEAKING TODAY AT 2.30PM- What direction you think itl send usd?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Sep 23, 2008.

What you think the feds speeches today will do to the dollar??

  1. Weaken dollar lots!

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  2. Weaken dollar little bit

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  3. Barely any change

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  4. Strengthen dollar little bit

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  5. Strengthen dollar lots!

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  1. As you all should know paulson and bernanke have to speak today at 2.30 and talk about the current financial crisis and what been going over the last 1month with it.

    This is extremely likely to have a very very big impact on the dollar,
    just like when trichet had to admit that europe was crushing and into recession the dollar got that huge rocket in value,
    is today when the fed have to admit going to put the dollar back to where it was 2 months ago?? :eek: :p

    Or is everyone going to basically just shrug all this off like has been going on the last 2weeks, when dollar should have crumbled to nothing, but instead barely moved??

    All views welcome.... :D

    (I trade crude oil, not fx or indicies, but this could have a huge affect on oil, and so is preventing me from getting into a short trade)