Bernanke and others are clinically insane!

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  1. Look at the last 10 years. These guys have no idea what they are doing. First they create a huge inflation spike in 07-08 that causes oil and commodities to spike and destroy the world economy. Then, in mid 08' they pull the plug and deflate the shit out of the world economy, and trash every bank that exists. Then, they re-flate in late 08' to save the world banking system. Then in 09 and 10' they print so much money that soon everyone's savings will be toilet paper. Now inflation is so high, commodities are spiking to new highs in every sector and they say inflation is only These guys are clinically insane and destroying capitalism.
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    I have been saying for years...

    They have no idea what the fuck they are doing, the smallest pullback in economic activity and they are pushing trillions in worthless dollars to keep it propped, there is no such thing as a slowdown or recession in this country anymore as failure is rewarded over and over again.....For some reason I dont think Bubble ben bernanke and the rest know what an economic cycle is. Everything has become an illusion, GDP isnt 3%+ its more like 0%, you cant place trillions into a slow economy and say look were growing again, the economy cant even make it on its own anymore, for over 20 years all they know how to do is inflate the economy out of every recession which just leads to more problems and more economic bubbles, but they continue to ignore the fact that what they are setting up today will cause significant economical problems in years to come.
  4. ....they know exactly what they are doing, establish one world currency and government....
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    You forgot the S&L crisis, Nasdaq bubble and LTCM bailout.

    Moral hazard run amok.
  6. The things we do for money......

    Speaking of insanity.....Yes we know. Amazingly he did a better job and didn't need 12,000 posts to do it.