Bernanke 10am 7/18/07 Official Thread.

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  1. Just setting it up for good commentary. All jokes welcomed.

  2. Should be interesting
  3. Last time he wavered in front of the cameras, we fell off.
  4. My crystal ball is predicting the future, 'Inflation is under control, and economic fundamentals remain strong." Let's see if its right.
  5. The market is waiting for him. T-Minus 4 minutes.
  6. Economy to grow inflation to easy, it's goldielocks. Just don't eat and drive to grandmas house.
  7. finally an admission about the housing market.

    'the housing correction may be longer thann expected'

    he must have worked that one out on his own.

    well done benny boy

  8. Holy cow, you spot on, how did you know this?
  9. Ag commodities had a tremendous plunge off their highs, now Bernake can say commodity prices are easing.
  10. "Housing market COULD hurt consumer spending"

    "Consumer spending COULD pick up"

    What's funny is that these analysts are actually dissecting his every word.

    I'm just pondering why I care anymore about what he says..
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