Bernake will be remembered as

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  1. The fed chairman who cut rates as commodity prices made all time highs.

    How could anyone think about cutting rates with oil closing in on $100.00 It's suicide.
  2. Welcome to the Goldman Government!
  3. Paliz


    Bad for some and good for others. The problem is not the interest rates. The problem is with our fiscal policy and international affairs. We need to add more restrictions so we could get off our dependence on the Asian tigers, because thats where we have all our money. Carry trade is used to raise money for the war on Iraq, and even worse maybe Iran. So we have a lot to look at it before pointing out one flaw.
  4. Everyone knows central banks love wars.
  5. I would change that to "Bad for most, good for a few".
  6. Nothing new. That's been the central theme of government since the beginning of civilization.
  7. remembered as just another shiester crook like all the rest of the con artists phony sob's
    its all about the eggo and mainly the greed

  8. It's all about eggo waffles?
  9. sure is.... jakester
  10. making the quickest policy reversal of all time and doing time in jail for telling rubin and all his other mates they were going to cut 50 b.p. before they told the market.
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