Bernake Killing Middle Class

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  1. Would like to get some opinions on this.

    I cannot begin to even comprehend what is taking place in the USA today.

    Once again Bernake bails out the banks. QUESTION.

    Do Americans realize what is taking place here. Do they realize that the banks are being bailed out only at the expense of the middle class????

    Taxes will go higher and Americans will have to foot the bill. This is so sick. Inflation is out of control but with the printing presses running at full the inflation party is just getting started. $5.00 gallon gas soon. Food prices through roof.

    One massive part that I cannot comprehend is the fact that the average person just seems to be so blind to what is going on??? How can the average American not be going balistic right now. Quality of life for the average American is turning into shit and it seems like no one cares or most people are clueless.

    The subprime mess. The lenders and buyers should be responsible for doing this shit. So sick and gross. They make huge cash off of doing these loans. Snake oil salesman type shit. Then when they all collapse middle class America foots the bill. Average American pays and they dont even see it. Man I want to barf.

    Comments please.
  2. Move your assets overseas 7 years ago.
  3. mokwit


    Most people are clueless*

    * they can answer questions on what happened in their favourite TV sitcom last night.
  4. Man, this country is a disgrace! I'm sick of this shit. 'Think I'm just gonna spend some time at my place in Spain and cool off.

    The funny thing is, you'd thought there'd be some protesting/serious shit but this garbage is like a sick movie that never ends.

    They're practically legally confiscating and penalizing those who saved their money over the years while at the same time rewarding assholes on wall st for gambling and screwing the population every way they can and will turn around and rob people some more with higher taxes.

    Welcome to the new USSR. Might as well scrap the $ and make the currency here the ruble. It'd probably be more stable.
  5. clacy


    An answer to your question........No, the American people have no clue what causes inflation or even how inflation can effect them.

    I would say probably no more than 1 in 100 have any clue that Bernake keeps on bailing out the banks, etc.
  6. ZBEAR



    I vote for "Clueless" !

    My mind is made up !!! Don't confuse me with FACTS !
    People hear what they want to hear.....end of story.

    I've given up trying to tell people about it......
    they just think I've gone off the deep end.
    ( little do they know - just how deeeeeep ).

    You think it's bad now....... wait till we get to 2011 -2012.

    Get a farm, get a chicken, get goat, get a cow, get a horse.
    Get your ass outta's gonna get ugly.

  7. achilles28


    Who holds the bag for those CDO's?

    Who owns the Fed?

    Same answer to both questions.

    Which explains why Bernacke, who acts on behalf of Fed Shareholders, has taken the course of action he has.

    The whole monetary system is built on a gigantic moral hazard.

    As for Americans - no, they don't have a clue.

    Americans believe what they're told - that bailouts are patriotic and inflation doesn't exist.

    And when it does, we had no idea where that came from!!


  8. The middle classes had it pretty good for 20 years.. they cant really complain about inflation now after enjoying the early benefits ie asset price inflation.

    But i agree most people are clueless.

    If the price of oil goes up most people blame the greedy oil companies. The price of food, the supermarkets are blamed.
    If asset prices go up then people think they are really smart for owning a home..

    Most people dont know what fiat money is.

    In school the only thing i ever learned about paper money was the hyper inflation in Germany in the 30s. And that was during a couple of history lessons.
    I thought the word had moved on, atleast the modern western world. As an engineer i was pretty clueless about this stuff until i got interested in finance in my late 20s.. I was pretty shocked when i found out. Before that i didnt really have enough wealth to be interested or care about how the financial world worked..

    Our schools dont teach this stuff. The mass media doesnt either.
    Thank god for the internet..
  9. ZBEAR



    We have consensus.
    But what can ya do about it when nobody wants to listen.

    "The Evil commodity traders are driving the prices up".
    ..... I hear this one all over the place ......
    Supply and demand seems to be a concept beyond their reach.
    The FED...... well after all - they are FEDERAL aren't they ?
    .........uh huh....... just like Federal Express.

    If you speak the truth,
    Ya better have a fast horse tied up at the back door.

    ....." The Law, locks up both man and woman
    ........who steals the goose from off the common,
    ........but lets the greater felon loose,
    ........who steals the common from the goose."

    Agonize for mankind ..... he knows not what he does.
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