Bernake Double speak

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    Here's what I've got after 1 hour.

    Inflations not an issue unless people go on living their lives like normal and then it's an issue but where not going to do anything about it unless we have to do something about it :confused: :confused: :confused:


  2. Give me a one-armed Fed Chief any day (so there's no "other hand").

  3. The market is in the drivers seat, not Benny. If the stock market has been falling on the day he gives a speech he is a dove.
    If the market has been rallying he is a hawk.

    Families are getting crushed by this heat wave, their electric bills will be close to their mortage payment and will curb spending over the next 3 months.

    And dont forget about hurricane season, Oil could go to $90.00 before the summer is over.

    Hey the banks are doing great though.
  4. I'd argue that doublespeak is the best policy for a Fed Chairman (or other major economic policy official). Ambiguous statements let both the bulls and the bears confirm their beliefs and leads to a muted response in the market. Unambiguously bullish or bearish statements lead to stampedes, higher volatility, and greater risk.

    We can only hope that Bernanke can emulate Greenspan's ability to say something so deeply convoluted that nobody has a clear idea of what it means.
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    lol it would be funny if he says tommorow

    "the market misinterpreted what i said."
  6. No need to be bitter shorts. Just cover, go long, and make $$.
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    I think this is at least the 4th "relief" rally we've had in the past 6 months. Give it a day or two and then go short.:D
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    So True BUT do you notice the quivering in his voice ?

    What's up with that ?
  9. That's not good is it! Bernanke needs to cultivate Greenspan's emotionless academic monotone that puts people to sleep before they can all hit the SELL button.

  10. One day does not a trend make. The quicker you learn that the better trader you will be.
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