Bermuda--Marhedge World Wealth Summit--Anyone Going??

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. If I wasn't in Geneva meeting with a new capital intro. team for the fund I am servicing I'd be all over that....

    Surf I'll be pming you btw.

  2. Damn, Surfer's "primebrkr" pseudonym can't make it.
  3. I attended last year and I've been getting bombarded with emails from the organizers this year with messages like "rooms almost gone" (at the Fairmont hotel where its happening). This tells me attendance is probably down.

    It's a great way to corner tax and legal pros and get a lot of your questions answered in short order. Plus, there's plenty of good free printed material to scoop up that's otherwise expensive to get.

    I'm skipping Bermuda this year but thinking of going to their Geneva (Switzerland, not Wisconsin!) conference early next year.

  4. thanks, PB. nice speaking with you today. your boys in london appear promising. looking forward to further talks! I'l let you know how Bermuda goes.


  5. hey PB,

    Long time no chat. What's the word, any bites?


  6. So that's why these kinds of conferences take place in such exotic places. Thanks for elaborating!