Berlusconi's idea: hookers, print euros, Germany GTFO

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    Actually hookers is not a new idea :D but up until now nobody ever said so openly that Germany and fatass Merkel should GTFO of the euro.
    Let's see...

    "Here's my crazy idea; Let's start printing euros ourselves," Mr Berlusconi told an assembly of his center-right People of Liberty party's parliamentary deputies.
    "Germany should leave the euro if it doesn't agree with the European Central Bank serving as a lender of last resort," he added, MF-Dow Jones said.
    If the ECB doesn't take on that role, Germany's role in Europe should be reviewed, he said.
  2. Oh sure... cut the big dog from the team because he's not willing to go along with the little, greedy, ticking parasites.

    How can wealth be redistributed when EVERYBODY is broke?

    Stupid Fuck!!
  3. I want Berlusconi's face on every Euro bill.
  4. C6H12O6


    I'm not sure who's the parasite, Germany and german banks made their big profit, but that's not the point, it's a useless arguing at the moment, we have gone too far now.

    The point is that Germany is not in the team, it's never been, and like last century's long history of blood and death in Europe shows, it never will be "in the team". It's very sad.
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    I vote for Berlusconi together with some of his girls, half naked, on the 500 euro bill, please :D
  6. pupu


    Hookers is a great way to stimulate...
  7. the euro social experiment is about to end.

    long live the dmark.

    Das ist gut........


  8. that would be fun to tuck into a stripper’s knickers..
  9. zdreg


    "germany is not on the team."

    who do u think with a wink of the eye has been subsidizing greek agriculture, to the tune of billions per year, for years?
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    I doubt if, in the end, Europe can resist following the model of the U.S. Fed, in spite of German protestations. From a political standpoint, austerity is just to big a cross to bear, even though it may lead to a better result in the long run.
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