Berlusconi to leave his seat as primeministerer

Discussion in 'Economics' started by pederpan, Dec 5, 2010.

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    hello everybody, my first tread here, enjoy the many forums here, i find ET a great place to be.

    ok, friend of mine takes the train thursday evening, she step on in Florence and finds a seat. shortly after she finds out that the man near her is a member of parliament, and very busy on his phone. in between typing posts on a porn bulletin/forum, he calls around and gathers signatures for the forced resignation of the PM.
    it will happen, it is the deliberate plan of Berlusconi himself to step down now because as my friend overheard, 'if Berlusconi sits in office during this mess, there will be no more political life for him'. So he plan to pack down his coalition government and leave, and then come back as a saviour when the mess is over.

    is this already price in as a foreseeable move? with the italian bank bonds souring last month and such. in my eyes the are well capitalized as they rely heavily on private investors.

    any thoughts?