Berkshire Hathaway to acquire Burlington Northern

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  1. Berkshire buying Burlington for $100 a share

    Berkshire says Burlington deal valued at $44 bln

    Berkshire sets 50-for-1 split of Class B stock
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    good the old man wants to create headlines in his last years.. one msut understand he's owned a position in bni for years so this no big deal HE STARVES FOR ATTENTION SO BADLY. what most people refuse to accept is most banks are insolvent and we're starting another wave down in the economy in 2009. AND NOBODY CAN STOP THIS STOCK MKT CORRECTION. NOT BUFFET,NOT JIM CRAMER. NOBODY.
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    classic M pattern on iyt..

    same thing on UNP

    question is will it make A which is bearish but wait till 70.00
  4. Buffet haters are just jealous. He is much smarter, wiser, and has way more money than you. I'm sure he's not doing this for the sole reason of creating headlines...
  5. Buffett looks at far more than most would even think of when purchasing companies. Just a couple of things here:

    BNI owns over 32,000 miles of track. Maybe his buddy Obama is going to move on getting high speed commuter trains built in the near future? No idea, but these are the things that facilitate deals like this


    BNI has 10.8 Billion of debt, no idea what rate is on the books, but Warren may see huge value in retiring or re-writing that debt at a steep discount to what may be the current terms.

    Maybe he is going to take it into parts, the sum of which may be far greater than what he paid.

    Point is, it's not always about just owning a company so the old man can live his childhood dream of being a choo-choo train conductor.
  6. My vote is with Buffett.
  7. the1


    Your statement demonstrates you know absolutely nothing about business, investing, and the stock market. If Buffett were doing deals for the sole purpose of getting attention he would have washed out years ago.

  8. Part of his demeanor is I'm just a country bumpkin looking to invest in America. He is very very sharp. How much did he own % wise before he bought it all?
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    22% i think... a controlling chunk for sure.

    What are our thoughts on the 50-1 B share split? Will Berkshire become a high-volume stock? There will certainly be a higher demand for options on the company...
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