Berkshire Hathaway Loads Up On Financial Stocks

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    August 15, 2007

    The Oracle of Omaha is apparently bullish on Rupert Murdoch—at least for now. Warren Buffet has upped Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in Dow Jones, while also adding to his positions in financial sector firms such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and US Bankcorp.

    According Berkshire Hathoway’s filing with the SEC yesterday, he has also upped his interest in Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble and Nike.

    Meanwhile, Buffet seems to be over his love affair with H&R Block. Once the second-largest stockholder in tax preparation firm, Buffet has unloaded his remaining positions in the firm, according to the filing.

    Additionally, Buffet has asked the SEC if it would waive the requirement for him to reveal his holdings in two railroad companies—Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern. Earlier this month, however, he did reveal that he snatched up 1.6 million shares of railroad company Burlington Northern Santa Fe, causing investors to speculate that he is bullish on railroads.

    Bargain ???
  2. Now watch the collective "ET round of experts" come out of the wood works again and say how Buffet's stock didn't go anywhere during the last couple years and how he "missed so many bull markets" LMAO
  3. You mean the "clueless" guy that outperformed S&P 500 the last 10 years ? =>

  4. Buffett is a communist pawn along with George Soros. Plus they are not real Christians and do not know Jesus, like I do.
    So there. Halleluja!
  5. Hmmm....Thank God communists know how to make money...:p
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    come on everybody, follow his lead...

    pathetic, he talks and everyone listens...

  7. Birkshirt has a entire home building company Buffet bought while Home Builder stock Peaked (all cash?), He has a few shoe factories which lost all market share to China. He bought tons of USG. A candy store when everyone trying to cut sugar consumption. OK he has a newspaper but we are now in Internet age.

    He doesn't know how to spend money, donated 1B per year (I guess someone has to sell some stock for him every year)
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    LMAO, go back to trading odd lots, Buffet is way more successful than you will ever be.
  9. No comment necessary, or ? =>

    Amex Securities Broker/Dealer 213.27 +7.94 +3.87%
    Phlx Bank Index 106.41 +4.81 +4.73%
    S&P Bank Index-Bix 362.70 +16.56 +4.78%
  10. Looks like that moron still outperformed the SP500 by a cool 100% over the last 10 years, including one of the most vicious bear markets in history.
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